Prof. Brian Hurwitz .Professor of Medicine & the Arts. Director of the Centre for Humanities and Health. King’s Collegue London, UK


Prof. Joao Lobo Antunes. Professor of Neurosurgery ( Lisbon). President of the Portuguese Academy of Medicine. WE DEEPLY REGRET TO ANNOUNCE PROF. LOBO ANTUNES’ DEATH. WE OFFER OUR  CONDOLENCES TO HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS.



Prof. Isabel Fernandes, Professor of English at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon and Scientific Coordinator of the Narrative & Medicine interdisciplinary project

Isabel Fernandes

Prof. Nicky Britten. Professor of Applied Health Care Research. Institute of Health Research at University of Exeter Medical School


Prof. Rachel Grob.The Center for Patient Partnerships and Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison



Prof. Arthur Frank. Professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Calgary, professor at VID Specialized University, Bergen, Norway, and core faculty at the Center for Narrative Practice in Boston.