We are pleased to invite all people interested in Narratives and Health to attend the  International Conference on Narrative of Health and Illness. We want to be an international meeting point.

We will meet in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), on the 11th and 12th of November, 2016.

There is increasing recognition of the importance of the “narrative turn” within healthcare. Narrative representations of health and illness offer a strong counter-balance to the dominant biomedical focus. From research to clinical practice, the narratives of health and illness is a recognised movement. The experiences in many countries and settings has proved the importance of being aware of the patient’s story as a way to empower the patient, make diagnosis more accurate and generate better results from treatment and management. We are working in the human side of healthcare without forgetting the science.

The International Conference on Narrative of Health and Illness aspires to generate a space, place and a time for researchers, health professionals and others with an interest in health and illness narratives, to come together to present ongoing work and experiences, share ideas, discuss methodological and theoretical tensions, challenges and joys and enjoy an absorbing atmosphere.

The meeting is organised by DIPEX International (Database of Individual Patient Experiences) and the ongoing Ibero-American interest and work in Narrative Medicine coordinated by the Iatros Foundation. We invite participants from over the world to share this experience with us and become an inspiration for health care.


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